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Capacity Building for Climate Prediction and Application in Sri Lanka and Outreach

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From the IRI's Mission Statement :

The vision for the IRI is that of an innovative science institution working to accelerate the ability of societies worldwide to cope with climate fluctuations, especially those that cause devastating impacts on humans and the environment, ...

The IRI work in Sri Lanka has focused on developing capacity to deliver climate services and to generate climate knowledge in a sustained manner.

IRI's support for capacity building has included:
  • support for research,
  • support for collaborative projects,
  • support for education,
  • publications in Sri Lankan professional and popular magazines
  • regular communication with climate scientists,
  • assisting in training programs,
  • preparation of policy documents.
The  provision of climate variability information in Lanka was dominated by the international mass-media. This led to misintrepretations during the 1997-99 ENSO episode in Sri Lanka of the actual state of knowledge regarding El Nino and La Nina impacts. In particular, the media did not communicate crucial nuances in seasonal or regional variations. In response to the IRI work, the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation instructed the formation of a national steering committee to carry out a systematic evaluation of seasonal climate forecasts and undertake its appropriate dissemination to all users in January 2003. The IRI is now supporting the national steering committee on climate prediction by providing climate information directly this committee and sustaining its work on climate applications research in partnership with the Mahaweli Authority and other agencies.

IRI's three-year long capacity building efforts in Sri Lanka have led to many rewards  all around and broad support for the IRI's Mahaweli program.

Contact for more information:
Dr Lareef Zubair

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