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Tropical Climate undertakes Social Service related to Disasters, Vulnerable, and for Environment and Climate. Below described our Social Service work starting with our relief for recent violence starting from 5th March of 2018 and for this we have established a recover support centre and network.

We described the disaster recovery centre network below followed by the institutional information about social service work of tropicalclimate.

Disaster Services Centre

The Disaster Services Centre (DSC) provides services for risk management and recovery. Initially, we shall assist those affected by the mob violence that took place in Digana and the surrounding areas in March 2018

Our office is in an accessible location in Kengalla. A small staff at this office shall be supported by the larger staff of Federation for Environment Climate and Technology (FECT) and Tropical Climate (TC). The Centre has IT, administration, counselling and small meeting spaces.

We are conducting some current programs like documentation by maintaining a database of affected, Assisting the affected with their documentation needs, monitoring the recovery of the affected and give voice to the effected, Facilitation services by providing a space for related activities by others and relief services will include assisting few families and key institutions, connect those in need with those who can help, recovery with reconciliation programs.

Disaster Services Network

The Disaster Support Network (DSN) brings together experts who support disaster risk management and recovery. This network was initiated as a response to mob violence in March 2018. Our network serves as an advisory body supporting the Disaster Service Centre (DSC) in Kengalla Digana

Completed proposed project

1. Set up an Office in Kengalla which shall coordinate a "Disaster Recovery Support Network" staffed by local youth, dedicated to helping local residents with paper work, to obtain relief, recovery and reconstruction  services. We can help navigate through the various demands that they affected have.

2. Undertake a program bringing together academics, charitable organizations, educationalists in the Digana/Kundasale area who have past experiences and expertise in dealing with similar conflict as first measure to building a network and laying out a path ahead to mitigate current problems and help avoid future conflict. 

3. Provide support to secure the Kengalla shrine and mosques. 

4. Re-establish the Information portals that we had developed for the Tsunami relief effort.

5. Establish open source portal to help coordinate Relief efforts.

These are the Contributions

  • Provide and organize aid and relief programs in times of disaster.
  • Help and provide services for the poor and vulnerable.
  • Conduct school awareness programs on dengue, climate and environment.
  • Conduct community awareness programs on dengue, climate, solid waste management, and disaster management.
  • Install weather station in Digana area and make data accessible to the general public trough websites, flyers and bulletins
  • Conduct climate and environment research and climate adaptation projects.
  • Monitor weather, soil moisture and air pollution.

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